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Seeing is believing. Now you can see our process first hand live. Just request a virtual tour of our production facility. When we discuss commercial quality modular elevators or write about them in blog posts, it can be hard to visualize what we are talking about. To help, you can now schedule a virtual tour of our facility and see how we are revolutionizing the elevator process.

These are one-on-one, live conversations with our national director of sales, national territory director or sales personnel. They will virtually walk you through the factory and answer any questions you may have.

To schedule your tour all you need to do is click the Fast Track button below. Then check the box for a virtual tour and fill in “required” contact information. If there is no specific project name or project city just enter “none”. We will contact you to schedule the tour at your convenience.

By opening up our process we are being transparent in what we do and how we are revolutionizing the elevator industry for the better. In that way we demonstrate how we fulfill our Vision, Mission and Core Values daily.

Our Vision – Mission – Core Values

MEM’s Vision:
We believe in challenging the status quo…in revolutionizing the “elevator process”. We don’t just think outside the box…we think BEYOND the box. 
MEM’s Mission:
To revolutionize and simplify our customer’s experiences with the elevator process. And to build the best engineered, highest quality modular elevator on the market while maintaining our values of consistency, quality and simplicity.
MEM’s Core Values: Innovation, Integrity, Quality, Consistency, Simplicity

So sign up today! Request a virtual tour by clicking the Fast Track button below and fill out the required information. See how we can produce a high-quality commercial elevator that sets in four hours and starts up in just a week. The revolution has begun.

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