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Elevator Inside or Out

Elevator inside or out modular elevators can be place inside or outside a structure

Sometimes your marketing gets all screwed up. Case in point, to demonstrate the modular elevator concept more clearly, we have been using photos of elevators on the exterior of buildings almost exclusively. The purpose was to make the hoistway more prominent. 

See, a modular elevator is a manufactured elevator hoistway with all the elevator components factory installed, so showing the hoistway seemed to make sense. Wrong. My bad.

Elevator Inside or Out

This lead to the incorrect notion that modular elevators have to be placed on the outside wall of a structure. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the example in this blog post, a 5 – story dormitory project at the University of La Verne, you can see the fully installed elevator hoistway going smack-dab in the middle of the building. Not only that, if you look at the conceptual drawing you won’t see even a hint of a hoistway. The duplexed modular elevators were simply placed on the inside of the building. 

Also, note that the elevators came in sections. Each can generally be up to 50 feet in height. But, because of the revolutionary stackable design we are not held to 50 feet or less. As a matter of fact they can be designed for most low or mid-rise applications.


For this particular project, the elevators went in during the construction phase. However, due to the flexibility of modular elevator units, they can be set at anytime. Most often construction managers like to move the process of craning the elevator in place to the beginning. The set takes place right after the foundation work is completed and the pit is poured. They like to see the elevator portion of the project done with only a startup needed.  

As you can imagine, a fully installed elevator set in just four hours revolutionizes the elevator and multi-story construction industry. That is especially true if it is at the beginning of the build. Once placed the commercial quality elevator waits for the rest of the project instead of the other way around. When permanent power is supplied it is ready for startup. This means they can be used as construction lifts, there is no need for setting aside space for elevator mechanic tools or components and they are safer than having an open elevator shaft on the jobsite.  

They are greener as well with less onsite traffic, less scrap and more recycling. The revolution has begun. It is time to consider modular.     

If you are impressed with the concept or timeline. Join the revolution by clicking the button below. Start a conversation by providing some details on an upcoming project. One last thing, a big thanks to our friends at Steinberg – Hart for a great design!

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